I am Jo Emmet. I give classes in aerial yoga, vinyasa yoga and aerial acrobatics.
Yoga has played a role throughout my life. I was first introduced to hatha yoga by my Mum when I was 12 and facing difficult challenges. It turned my life around and I learnt how beneficial yoga practise can be for a person and those around them.
For over 10 years I worked as a performance artist specialising in aerial acrobatics. In 2010 I had a stroke which had a massive impact on life. My yoga practise played a major role in my recovery and again helped me face new challenges.
Inspired by my experience and the wish to help others, I completed a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam and an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Aerial-Yoga Amsterdam. Since then I have been enjoying sharing and teaching weekly classes and workshops. To find out more scroll on down the page.

What is aerial yoga:

Aerial Yoga merges traditional Yoga postures with aerial acrobatic techniques. A fabric hammock, suspended at hip height, is used to support and assist the student; eg; in standing postures & balances, forward & backward bends and hip openers. Challenging postures can become more accessible and other postures more challenging. Supported by the fabric and conscious breathing, tension and resistance can be released on physical, mental and emotional levels, allowing the body and mind to open up more. Fear of “inversions” (eg. hand and head stands) and ‘letting go’ can be overcome. Core strength, flexibility and balance are enhanced and developed. Swinging and flying postures are uplifting and add a fun element in your yoga practise, rounded off with an aerial Savasana (reclined final relaxation posture) for deep relaxation. More information about this form of yoga is available on www.Aerial-Yoga.nl or you can contact me directly if you have any questions.



For weekly classes & workshops in Aerial & Vinyasa yoga:
Thrive Yoga
Sumatrakade 1

Weekly classes & workshops in aerial acrobatics (tissu):
Movement Academy - OT 301
Overtoom 301



Weekly Yoga classes at Thrive Yoga:
Wednesday: 18.30 – 19.45 – Vinyasa Yoga Level 1 (Beginner Level)
Thursday: 10.00 – 11.15 – Aerial Yoga (Mixed level)
Friday: 20.15 – 21.30 – Aerial Yoga (Mixed level)
Monthly aerial yoga workshops (Sunday afternoons) for beginner and experienced students.
Go to workshops for more information and dates.
1-1 classes can be arranged as well as private classes & workshops for a unique group experience.
For aerial acrobatic (tissu) classes contact me directly;

Yoga is about nurturing a peaceful and conscious connection with our true self (divinity) and all that is around us.